What good thing happened today?

Find one good thing each day.

A post recently making the rounds on Facebook lists questions you can ask your children to encourage conversation and get them to open up about their day. One of the questions is: What is one good thing that happened today?

It’s a great question. But maybe we should be asking it of ourselves every single day.

Sometimes it can be really hard to find the positives, especially when we are bombarded with so much negativity and bad news. But the truth is that there is always something positive – we just have to look a little harder.

Start by slowing down. So often we are simply in too much of a rush to think about the little things. It’s much easier to focus on the things begging for our attention. And those things aren’t always positive, like the mess left at home after a whirlwind morning or the work piled on the desk before we can go home. So make yourself pause, even if only for a moment, and look at the little positives in all the big responsibilities.

Then make an effort to change your focus just a little bit. Stop long enough to ask, “What is one good thing that happened to me today?” And don’t move on until you answer it.

It might surprise you what can come from such a simple question! Find more inspiration in our blog.

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