5 Essential Ways to Build and Protect a Strong Brand

Creating a solid brand image is crucial for any business, regardless of its size and what it offers. This asset helps you build customer trust and loyalty and sets your organization apart. It also allows you to attract and retain top talent and increase your brand recognition. 

However, a successful business marketing strategy goes beyond building a brand. You must also learn to protect it to keep your positive brand image, avoid legal issues, and retain customer trust. It’s also crucial to preventing brand dilution and maintaining its value. 

If you want to create and retain a successful business marketing strategy, this article will discuss how your company can maintain a distinctive brand. 

1. Be Firm with Your Values

Values are the guiding principles that define a company’s culture and character. They’re the core beliefs shaping workers’ and stakeholders’ behavior and decisions. Values have also become increasingly essential for companies to achieve long-term success and sustainability, especially in today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment. For this reason, you should be firm in what you believe in when creating your business marketing strategy. 

Many customers decide whether to try a product or service based on the business’s stances on specific issues. Companies like Alphabet, Google’s parent company, and Microsoft have invested in sustainable practices and have donated millions of dollars to combat COVID-19. This scenario illustrates that customers pay attention to the values expressed by the brand when making buying decisions. 

2. Keep Your Promises

Many people break promises because of unforeseen circumstances and get away unscathed. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for businesses because not fulfilling customer promises can lead to severe consequences, like loss of customer trust, negative brand image, and even legal issues. 

Brands create an image for themselves through their messages and actions to their customers. You can maintain a positive brand image and increase customer trust by keeping your promises in both areas. 

3. Consider Targeting and Positioning

Companies create brands to attract a specific target audience, and you must understand the differences between targeting and positioning to ensure a successful business marketing strategy. 

Targeting allows you to tailor your messages to this group’s values, wants, and needs. On the other hand, positioning is how you set yourself apart from the competition based on the target audience’s preferences. 

Loyal customers are more likely to give your business more profits than those without loyalty. Failing to understand the targeting concept may make your company experience lower gains. 

4. Maintain a Clear and Consistent Branding

Inconsistent messaging, branding, design elements, and values can confuse your customers and look unprofessional. You can maintain your brand by keeping your messaging and branding consistent across channels and markets. 

You should also create brand guidelines and use brand asset management software to ensure consistency, clarity, and cohesion in their branding across all touchpoints and increase brand recognition. Brand asset management lets companies access essential branding information like corporate colors, logos, fonts, and messaging. 

5. Create and Implement a Clear Marketing Strategy

While implementing and sticking to values and keeping your messages clear can help maintain a strong brand identity, none of this would be possible without a comprehensive business marketing strategy. Although many business owners acknowledge the significance of this effort, it’s still not universal, which is alarming. 

However, implementing a plan is usually easier said than done because it involves working with multiple teams, finding the right tactics, and using the proper channels. It can also be even more challenging if you lack the resources and with the dynamic market conditions. 


Creating and maintaining a strong brand is crucial for a successful company. You can maintain your positive image by having a comprehensive business marketing strategy, sticking to your values, and keeping your promises. 

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