Relationship Marketing Weekly: Aviation Consultant

How does it make you feel when someone tries to sell you?

Like you need a shower, right? It’s as though the salesperson is trying to convince you to do something you don’t want to do.

Well, any top salesperson who knows great sales skills will tell you…that’s simply bad sales.

In this week’s feature article, learn about Aviation Consultant Mark Leeper. Mark explains how critical it is in the sales process, to make it about the customer/prospect, not about you!

Mark was excited to share the success he has experienced, in his own personal business by incorporating a tangible relationship marketing strategy.

This strategy connects and builds relationships with his prospects and clients on a more personal level, where ever they are in the world.

Read today’s feature story and you’ll be amazed at the results Mark has received from implementing this simple, tangible relationship marketing strategy.

Relationship Marketing Weekly: Aviation Consultant


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