Relationship Marketing Weekly: UK Publisher / Consultant

With technology these days, having an international business has become more common than not.

So, what’s the biggest difference in creating and building relationships internationally -vs- being limited to where you live?

The answer may surprise you…

In this week’s feature article, we are talking international business.

UK Publisher & Media consultant, Adam Redshaw is our very first highlight of an international relationship marketing case study.

Adam says “Success is created by building a culture inside your community.” His “culture building” strategy leverages relationship marketing internationally.

He consistently connects and builds international relationships with his service providers, contributors, and subscribers.

You’ll learn the power of a tangible impression for “culture building” in your community. No matter what part of the world one lives or does business in, we must realize people are people and all have a need and desire to appreciate and be appreciated.

Relationship Marketing Weekly: UK Publisher & Media Consultant

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