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Relationship Marketing Weekly: Health & Fitness Professional

Gratitude is free!

WNBF Champion and 17-year Health and Fitness professional Wendy Hyatt teaches nutrition for healthy aging, and gratitude is a huge part of it.

Wendy states “we live in an under-appreciated society where social media makes everybody else’s lives look perfect. “We shouldn’t assume or compare ourselves with what we see on social media…it’s simply not real”…

Discover in this week’s feature article, how this amazing young lady incorporates a “tangible social media strategy” to share gratitude.

She will share how she breaks down the walls, barriers, and insecurities of those she works with.

By adding a powerful relationship marketing strategy, she inspires clients to stay on track with their own personal health and fitness journey, all the while motivating them to love themselves and their imperfections.

This heartwarming story will truly make you re-think your relationship marketing strategy.

Learn how the power of recognizing and celebrating others triumphs through photos, makes a huge impact, because “pictures are worth a thousand words.”

Relationship Marketing Weekly: Health & Fitness Professional

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