Relationship Marketing Weekly: Car Sales Professional

Ever wonder why some car sales professionals, sell 30 cars per month, compared to the average of 8 – 10 cars per month?

Better sales skills… right?

Wrong, and the answer may surprise you!

This week’s feature article is a must read… Chris Kendall from Louisville, KY a 2nd generation, 20-year veteran in car sales will spill all the beans.

Chris will explain how old school principles, and relationship marketing strategies, gives him and other top producers, the competitive edge.

We all know it’s a new age of technology, apps, and online automotive sites.

Learn how incorporating the power of a tangible touch strategy, does more for sales professionals than any app or website can…

Relationship Marketing Weekly: Car Sales Professional

To learn more about relationship marketing, or how to enhance your current strategy, please feel free to call or text me at 603.785.8415.

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