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Introverts are ideally suited to be entrepreneurs

Are you an introvert? Introverts get a bad reputation sometimes because many people don’t understand what an introvert really is. An introvert draws their energy from within. They need alone time to recharge and focus. Social situations can be draining for them. There are so many things clamoring for attention. These qualities can make an introvert appear shy or fearful, when that is often not the case.

Running your own business seems like it would be the perfect fit for an extroverted person. Extroverts draw energy from people and social situations. They love attention. All these qualities are great for a budding entrepreneur. Don’t count introverts out, though! Many successful business owners are introverts. Many of the same qualities that make entrepreneurs so successful are actually “introverted” qualities. Here are a few examples:

Entrepreneur / Introvert Qualities:

  • Introverts favor deep connection. Introverted people find talking to many people draining. In smaller settings, they shine. That’s because introverts favor creating meaningful connections with people. This is ideal for an entrepreneur. You want to make your customers feel special and heard. Introverts are especially talented at this.
  • Introverts work well alone. Working by yourself can be very difficult. If you already have a natural predisposition to working alone it can be easier. Introverts thrive when they have quality alone time. If you can turn that time into successful work, you can be a great entrepreneur.
  • Introverts take time to process. Processing information takes a little longer for an introvert. They like to think things through and look at all the facts. They also take in more from their environment. Entrepreneurs also need to pay attention and think solutions through. After all, they are the ones making the decisions, so they have to be right.

Calling all Entrepreneurs…

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