Focus on the small things this Valentine’s Day

Memories. It is the day of love, so make your gift about the love and memories you share. Even if sentimentality isn’t your thing, today is the proper day to be a bit mushy. Choose a gift that celebrates the little things you and your partner share – the inside jokes, your song or the first meal you shared.

Favorites. This Valentine’s Day make a point of sharing your love’s favorite meal, watching their favorite movie (even if you’ve seen it a thousand times before) or participating in their favorite activity.

Feelings. If you are a bit hesitant to share your feelings, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to step out and say how you really feel. Be honest, be kind, be loving. Your partner will appreciate it more than any gift you give.

Simple gestures will be remembered for years to come. Choose a gift that celebrates the small things that make your love unique.

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