Relationship marketing can change your business

Would you buy a coffee without saying “thank you” to your barista? Or would you brush past the man who graciously holds open the door for you? Would you fail to say “thank you” to the friend who offers to pick up your kids from school when you are running late? Of course not.

Showing gratitude by saying thank you is a basic courtesy. Most of us do it so automatically that we hardly even notice it anymore. Yet for the ones we are thanking, it’s still important. One of the most significant relationships in your life may be missing that important thank you: the relationship you have with your clients.

One of the relationship marketing tools I use and strongly recommend for business owners is SendOutCards. The most important relationship you have for your business is with your customers. Making your customers feel valued will help grow your business relationship and lead to repeat business and referrals. How can SendOutCards help?

  • Thank you cards! Our app and online system can make it easier than ever to send a physical thank you card to your customers. This physical reminder of how much you appreciate their business isn’t as easily swept away like an email or a Facebook post. It will be hung up on the fridge, displayed on a desk at work or even shown around at the office. Others will see it and notice how thoughtfully you do business.
  • Card campaigns. Do you have a big event coming up? The campaign system can help you organize cards for large events or help you set up reminders to send out cards throughout the year. It’s a great way to remind customers of your services and it’s easier than ever for you to do.
  • Birthday Cards. A birthday card is the one card we all still love to get. Collect your clients’ birthdays and send them a birthday card each year. That yearly reminder will make them feel appreciated and loved and remind them of what you do.
  • Appointment Cards. If your services book up fast you make appointments way ahead of time. Remind your clients of an upcoming appointment by sending them a confirmation card.

Building great client relationships is so important to your business success. It is so much easier to get a repeat client or a referral then to spend time, money and energy recruiting new clients. Start today to make your clients feel like they are appreciated. Send a card with SendOutCards and watch your business succeed.

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