Be More Powerful, Close More Sales: Four Incredible Tips

Ever ended a meeting and felt OFF? …Something just wasn’t right? Everyone has those days, but when you’re in sales, those off days can mean money lost.

Perhaps it’s because you had a rough night’s sleep, you’re crashing from bad dietary decisions, or you’re just in a plain bad mood. It doesn’t matter how you got into the funk, what matters is how you get out.

Being in control of your state makes all the difference in the world when it comes to your income. Whether you’re feeling great, awful, or indifferent, the following five tips will empower you to charge the day. …And your business.


In the day to day hustle to do more and be more, it’s easy to look at what we don’t yet have. As it turns out, though, that’s actually a bad thing. Focusing on what you don’t have will actually put you in a bad mood.

Believe it or not, if you’re reading this article, you’re one of those high achieving types who won’t slow down just because they practice gratitude. You’re still going to accomplish your goals. Gratitude will serve to make you appreciate what you currently have, what you’ve already accomplished, which will make you better to be around. …And that will make you more sales.


What you focus on, you bring about. Envisioning your positive future will keep you in a positive mental state. If you look back on yourself from five years ago, you probably couldn’t exactly predict where you are now, or how you got here.
While you don’t know what the future holds, most people use that as an excuse to practice fear. If you instead use it to future pace yourself- your day, your week, your year, you’re more likely to bring positive results into your life. At the least, you’ll be in a more empowered state, which leads to greater outcomes, both personally and professionally.


Ever wonder how some people accomplish so much more in a day? …They single task. Make it your mission to single task. When you’re working on a project, put your phone on silent, close out of your social media, and focus on the one single task. You’ll accomplish it much more quickly and then be inspired to take on more.

Turning all desktop notifications to “off” will make a massive difference in your work flow and allow more of the next tip.


IPA’s, or income producing activities, are the specific tasks that make you money. It’s very easy to get distracted or sidelined by other good ideas or appealing projects. The challenge is determining which tasks are the ones that make money, and focusing on those. The other ones (website redesigns, administrative work) comes secondary. Prioritize your IPA’s and watch your income flow.
So much of business and life is out of our control. These are easy fixes for aspects of life that are well within our realm of control. You want to change lives? We must change our own, first. Following these simple tips will set you ahead of the rest. …And your business will prove it.

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