Accomplish your annoying tasks with these five tips

We all have tasks we dread from time to time. Cleaning the bathroom, paying bills, answering emails…the list goes on and on. When you are self-employed, you can’t pass off those tasks to someone else. You might put them off as long as possible, but eventually you have to get them done. How can you make those dreaded tasks easier to handle? These five tips will help:

  1. Do a task each day. We all know procrastination is bad. It can lead to depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and irrational beliefs. Scientists have found that procrastination is a sign of poor self-regulation. How can you beat it? By starting small. Break up your most-dreaded tasks into smaller ones. Each day, do one until you can do it without stress. Then, add another each day, so that each day you are making an attempt to get things done.
  2. Bribe yourself. We love rewards. When you finish something difficult, it’s a natural feeling to celebrate. Evoke this feeling to complete annoying tasks. Set up a simple reward system for each task checked off your list, and you’ll be more motivated to get things done.
  3. Take a timeout, instead of venting. It can feel very natural to vent and rage when you have to do something irritating. It feels good to complain because it’s an emotional release. Scientists have learned that complaining and venting will actually make you feel more angry. Instead, give yourself a time out to work through your negative feelings in a positive manner.
  4. Find a mantra. Remember the moment in Finding Nemo when Dory begins to sing “just keep swimming, just keep swimming?” This mantra actually is a great technique. A song or repeated phrase can help you to work through difficult tasks. It will help you focus on what you want to accomplish, instead of what you are doing at the moment.
  5. Just do it. Nike’s motto is correct. Some tasks are inherently unpleasant. Sometimes you’ve got to bite your tongue and get it done. So, grit your teeth and just do it!

We all have stuff that we hate to do. That’s the reality of life. However, with a little strategy you can get those tasks done on time. Try one of these tips today!

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