Proven Tips for Marketing Your Local Restaurant

Marketing your local restaurant is different from marketing other businesses.

You need to attract a very specific clientele, and you need to make sure that your restaurant stands out from the rest. There are loads of marketing guides out there, but when it comes to marketing your local restaurant, a lot of the tactics aren’t relevant. To make it easy for you, here are five of the best strategies that you can use for effective marketing.

    • Optimize Your Google My Business account: Claiming your Google My Business listing, updating and posting content regularly, soliciting customer reviews are all must-do marketing tasks for any business in any industry. Staying on top of local SEO is essential for your restaurant and your Google My Business account will make a big difference here.
    • Stick to the basics: When it comes to marketing a local restaurant, it’s the basic marketing channels that generally work the best. Focus on Google Search, Facebook Ads, Google Display manual placements, and the right social media channels.
    • Send your website to directories and roundup posts: Try to get your restaurant featured in local directories and roundup posts. Search for these resources, and send through your information. A regional feature could do wonders for your restaurant. Posting in relevant Facebook Groups such as Seacoast Eats and responding to requests for recommendations in town or community Facebook Groups are also great way sto get your information out to the community.
    • Get professional photos taken for your social media: Restaurant marketing relies heavily on aesthetics, so make sure you’re posting high-quality photos. Amateur phone photos of your food won’t do your business any good.
    • Organize contests and giveaways: Social media giveaways are a great way to get more people interested in your local restaurant.

[source: adapted from Wishpond post]

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