Social Media: Keep it Professional

Social Media: Why it pays to Keep it Professional 

Losing respect — and potential customers — is frighteningly easy online. Sadly, unprofessional content and pages are all too common on social media.

Imagine showing up to an interview only half dressed. How inappropriate and unprofessional that would be. The same thing goes for incomplete profiles. They look very unprofessional, not to mention they’re sitting right there for the entire world to see. It appears as if the company doesn’t care enough to take the time to complete the form. It also reflects badly on the brand because if you can’t complete something as simple as a social media profile, what else don’t you have the time to do — like maybe customer service?

Another reason to complete your profile is because if you don’t complete your page, you could leave out vital information for your customers. This could range from your hours of operation to current special offers. If this isn’t completed, visitors could become frustrated from the lack of information. This lack of information will also decrease the likelihood of the page being optimized for search engines.

Now that your profile is complete, it’s time to take a closer look at your content. Unprofessional content can be a deal breaker for potential customers. Problems can range from inappropriate language or pictures (this includes those memes you’re so tempted to share) to simply having the wrong type of content on the page. One of the ways to avoid this is by having a professional, trained social media manger handle the accounts. They know what content is right for the demographic and what is appropriate for the page.

Having an unprofessional social media page could break a company. To be successful you need to make sure that the messages coming from your company are always reflecting it in a good light. Marketing Ally can help you maintain your professional image online. Let’s talk! Schedule a Discovery Call.

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