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412: When Growing a Business, Confidence is Key to Ignite

Growing a Business

Out here in the real world, there are few things harder than growing a business. Such an undertaking requires guts, hard work and determination, not to mention capital, a solid business plan and strategic thinking. It can be difficult to take that first leap into self-employment when you face the responsibilities of taking care of a family.

But you need to have the confidence to give it a good try and develop your business. You can do this by:

  • Keeping your confidence up. You will encounter setbacks. This is a normal part of starting a business, but if you accept that there will be setbacks, then you can overcome them. Remind yourself how happy your business makes you.

  • Stay motivated. It may be easy to stay motivated at your day job because you have a boss who is there to encourage you, but when you’re the boss, it’s up to you. Set realistic work goals or establish a reward system to encourage yourself to put in the time and energy you need to get your business going.

  • Taking it slow. At first, you will be very excited about your new business venture–perhaps more excited than you have ever been about work. Enjoy it but also take it in stride, and take things one at a time.

We have several tools and resources we recommend to help you every step of the way, but it is still up to you to have the confidence to build your business. We are right there with you, because we know you can do it! Interested in a coaching call to get you going? Book one here.