We could all use a little more kindness

A little more kindness

How often do you tell your children to “be nice?” Dozens of times a day? That’s good and well, but how often do you practice what you preach?

Being nice usually comes as second nature, as in — we just behave that way because we know we are supposed to. But with life being life, we are often handed excess stress, worry and frustration that sometimes overtake the niceness. If you and your crew could use more kindness in your lives, here’s a list of ways to easily accomplish this!

  1. Nice jar. This is simply a jar that you each drop kind, hand-written notes into. When you are feeling down or someone is being ugly, a trip to the jar is required!
  2. Reward being nice. If you are caught being randomly nice, get rewarded with a small treat, such as candy or extra TV time. Set up jars for everyone and place a dry bean or cotton ball into the jar. The person with the most at the end of the month wins!
  3. Ugly jar. A complete opposite of the nice jar, this jar is for when someone is defying politeness. If you get caught being ugly, you must give up a reward item (see above) or place a quarter in the jar. Use the money collected to do something good!
  4. Share the kindness. Visit a nursing home or children’s hospital and spread the love. Talk to residents or play with the kids and be reminded how happy your life really is.
  5. Be thankful. Take an extra minute or two and thank those around you… mail carriers, cashiers, etc.
  6. Pay it forward! This is the easiest. It can be as big as paying off someone’s account balance at a local store or as small as raking an elderly neighbor’s leaves. Just do a good deed without being prompted in hopes that others will follow your example!

Being nice isn’t always easy. Deep down, we all know what is and is not nice behavior; we just have to remember which is more important to use!

Especially in business – customers want to have an established trust and relationship with us. Spread more kindness, let them know you appreciate their business with a thoughtful card or gift!  Need a little guidance, contact us today!

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