Brand Marketing: Basic points of Creating & Marketing Your Own Brand

Basic Brand Marketing : The finer points of creating — and marketing — your own brand

Small business owners such as yourself have one potent brand marketing tool: their personality. There is one important caveat, however. Cultivating a personal brand should never turn into a self-aggrandizing “look at how great I am” sales pitch. That will turn off your prospect in a flash. The goal of a small business marketer should never be to emulate those marketing campaigns crafted by large companies. Although Madison Avenue-style marketing may gain lots of social media followers, it lacks a personal connection that’s so important to cultivating a local, trusted persona.

The next step is to envision what kind of personal brand best fits your personality. What effect do you typically have on others? Is it a calming influence, or are you a live wire who crackles with energy when you enter a room full of people? Do you see yourself as a hero or a humble servant? Remember, your personal brand should be built upon your authentic self. Never try to foster a sales approach that is counter to your basic nature.

If you’re the quiet type, you may choose to build your business through those random acts of kindness for which you sought no reward. On the other hand, if you’re a high-flying risk taker, you could be that mensch who’s always willing to help a fellow marketer get a leg up. SendOutCards is unquestionably the kind of business tool where your unique persona can really shine forth in your marketing efforts.

Put your personality into your sales efforts. Have fun with it, get out of your comfort zone and be willing to play up your inherent personality features — zany, caring or flashy — as opportunity calls. Expressing your authentic self builds trust with your prospects.

And definitely share your personal brand through social media channels. If you’ve always been a jokester, you’ll find your personal brand may catch on like wildfire among your followers. Have fun while you cultivate a memorable presence your clients and neighbors will look upon you with fondness.

If you’d like a brainstorming partner as you develop and market your personal brand, we’d love to assist, just contact us to schedule a call.

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