Achieving Social Media Success

Achieving Social Media Success

Social media success comes from trial and error. When you first start marketing on social media, you may not know what platforms your customers are using or which channels work best for your business.Happy african american businessman using phone mobile apps at workplace

So, you try it all.

This can lead to a hodgepodge of social media accounts that are no longer updated, have an outdated logo or worse. Don’t lose money by losing clients who’re turned off by platforms that aren’t updated or by inconsistent branding.

Develop a habit of identifying and streamlining your social media accounts at least once a year. Deactivate unused accounts and make sure those that remain are consistent with your current branding.

As you review your social media accounts, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the company name correct?
  • Is the logo correct?
  • Do you have the most current login and password information?
  • Have you changed the password as employees have left the company?
  • Do you have the right person managing your social media presence? Or do you need to outsource it to an agency?

Tidying up your social media presence improves your credibility. And because people like to buy from people they trust, it’s a big boost to your bottomline.

Find more marketing latest news and resources to help you achieve social media success in our blog. Let us know if you would like to talk to a Marketing Ally for your small business! 

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