10 Social Media Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

Social Media Statistics

Social media has taken over much of the internet and our lives, yet how much do we know about how it works? Just how popular is it? How is it changing over time to meet the needs of our social lives? There is so much to learn and to potentially find out, and yet so little time to do so for most people. We were interested ourselves and knew our readers would be as well, so we looked into the topic and found some key points and facets to talk about. As one would expect, social media is changing rapidly, and in important ways. Data and careful study has provided us with most of the answers to the questions above, and an educated guess on the rest. Therefore, let’s start with those points. Here are 10 social media statistics that will give you an overview of the industry landscape in 2022:

1. There are 4.55 Billion Global Social Media Users
2. People Spend an Average of 2 Hours, 25 Minutes on Social Media Each Day
3. The Average Person Uses 6.7 Different Social Media Platforms Each Month
4. Facebook Is Still the Most Used Social Media Platform
5. In the United States, Overall Growth Isn’t So Certain
6. There Are Huge Demographic Differences in Platform Usage
7. Social Media Is Vital to BTB Interactions and Sales
8. Social Media AD Revenues in 2021 Are Estimated to Total $50.89 Billion
9. TikTok is Gaining Traction
10. And Snapchat Is on the Decline
On the Future of Social Media

There is so much more to social media than what we see on our screens every day. Whether is usage rates, revenue, or something else, there are statistics we can use to not only understand the present but have a better idea of where the industry is going. We hope that the above facts have helped give you a better idea of social media, and may you enjoy social media with a better understanding moving forward. Highlights of post shared from InternetAdvisor.com. To read the full article and this important marketing data visit: 10 Social Media Statistics You Need to Know in 2022.

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